Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life Changing

As i mentioned yesterday, there are a lot of changes going on around here. My first Photo a day is one of the biggest ones. Yes, I have added one other thing to my list of new obsessions: Young Living essential oils! 

My BFF the Duchess and I joke about this all the time. It is true though. (sorry I don't have a source for this illustration. I found it on pinterest and it is a dead link) No matter what she says to me these days my response is, "i bet there's an oil for that!" I am half kidding and serious at the same time! I have noticed a big difference just in the week that I have been using the oils myself. My hubby is still skeptical, but open to them. Daughter thinks they work, and son...he says he feels like the blind man being anointed by Jesus every time I come at him with the oils! He was impressed that the VALOR has Frankincense in it though.

And speaking of Valor...OMGOODNESS! i love that oil. I wish it came in a 5 gallon size! everyday i find another use for it. Valor is a blend of Spruce, Frankincense, rosewood and blue tansy.

There are literally dozens of uses for Valor but we use it for ADD, Depression, Asthma, and headaches. There are also MANY people who have used it to help sleep apnea. I have to be honest here and say that we did try it on hubs big toe one night and let him go with out the CPAP. I can honestly say he did not snore, but at one point when i was awake, I heard him stop breathing, so I had him put on the CPAP since we do have one! I think if he used it continually, it might help over time. MANY people swear that it has stopped snoring in their house more nights than not, so if we didn't have a CPAP I would definitely be giving it an extended try! Here are some links to other blogs who talk about valor and its other uses: here and here.  Because you, like me, want to know how much this amazing oil is....both the 10 ml roll on and the 15 ml bottle are $28.62 retail. If you are interested in finding out more, or in ordering some, contact me and I can help you out! 

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cyndi said...

hey you...if all i have done is confuse you there is a link in my sidebar for Granola Convert...check her blog will do a MUCH better job of explaining these oils to you!