Tuesday, September 29, 2009

crock pot dinner day one!

Day one into my slow cooker test. You can find the recipe Here. I will say it was easy to make. I started it Sunday evening. I browned the ground beef and chopped the veggies. I went ahead and cooked it for a few hours Sunday night and then put it in the fridge over night.
Monday morning i popped it out of the fridge to warm up a bit and put it back in the cooker...and voila! dinner was ready later that afternoon with only a little work on my part. (you add the milk and cheese toward the end) The only problem I had was that my potatoes seemed to take longer to cook, but that may be due to me splitting the cooking time. Hub and i loved it, the kids....well, I think they don't like soup in general. It was oh so cheesy, and because i cooked it so long the onions and bell pepper cooked into nothingness so they couldn't complain about "veggies". DD says she doesn't like potatoes...whatever. DS said it was good, but he didn't eat much of it. *shrug* My kids are weird when it comes to food.
Oh, also i wish it had been thicker...I tried to thicken a bit with flour...but that started turning into a disaster, so i gave up and whisked it a lot. That probably helped to break up the onions and bell pepper.
There was even enough left to put in the freezer and pull out another nite! yeee haw!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

August Month in Review

Here is the month of August ...in nine little pictures. Stay tuned, I've got my foray into crock pot cooking and the President Bday party coming up!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello my blog, I've missed you.

I am a blog-a-holic. Seriously. I use to check the blogs i loved multiple times a day and get so frustrated when they hadn't been updated. WHAT were these people doing all day???
Well, I had to take a blog break. No 12-step program required thankyouverymuch.

I started out with stamping blogs, and then moved into sewing blogs, and general crafts. Now my blog list is enormous. I don't hit them as often as i should to keep up. I am always finding new blog treasures out there; one blog always leads to another.

The point being, i miss my blogging and i miss my blog reading. Now that the kids are in school, perhaps i can make a little blog time for myself.

that being said, here is the newest blog i have found that i am loving:

I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but i am about to! Maybe a week in the slow cooker will get me movin' again. I have gotten where fixing dinner is very low on my list of "have to" or "love to" do things in life. I am not sure why exactly, but i dread that time of day. I really use to enjoy planning menus and cooking, etc. but now it is just a chore I'd rather pass off to someone else. I think i will give Stephanie and her blog that task for the next week and see how that goes. I have a slow cooker and it is used far too little...it is for more than Velveeta cheese dip, right?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been consumed with back to school activities. Trying to get in the groove and such. Also working on my son's 8th b'day party. the theme this year is Presidents...or Americana. We have broadened the "theme" a bit. He wanted to be George Washington.....

This is the front of his invite....what do you think?

DD had to be Lincoln! cute, right? I will show you the George costume along with the other party details after i survive it...tomorrow night!

Just wanted to toss this one in for good measure....she loves this bouncy jumpy thing at the mall...that's the 2nd level behind her...yes, she is that high in the air!