Friday, January 15, 2010

my head is like a plate of speghetti

so, last night my DS woke me from a very deep sleep and a lovely dream to tell me he couldn't sleep and there was a spider in his bathroom that he was trying to catch. thankyouverymuch!

my brain started spinning and hasn't stopped. I have my DD "ROCK STAR" bday party. We have a friend who is a rock star and we would LOVE to hire him to do something at the party for entertainment...but what?!?!?! i am asking everyone I know to think about it.

i also have a baby quilt banging around in my head, but that has a while. It is trying to develop and "get out" but so far I haven't had time to sit down and plan it.

I have embroidery i NEED to be doing for girls weekend mid FEBRUARY!!! and a stack of library books to go through.

not to mention this new diet i need to be making a shopping list for! Two birthday parties this weekend, a trip to spend your whole check whole foods, and a Quilter's bag i want to make for myself!

wow...if you could burn calories simply by thinking, I'd never have to worry about my weight!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

eye candy...

yesterday, day three....
well i had a "walking date" but it got cancelled, not by me!!
so i went out with my BFF to do a bit of shopping.
i HAD to pick up these new fabrics at JoAnn's.....

I also must confess that i deviated from my "induction" but did stay on the "diet". It was the best day so far!!! lol
I had a chick fil la grilled sandwich and side salad...that comes with...sunflower seeds! a MUFA! YES!
don't know what i am going to do with these fabrics, but when is that ever a problem? I think i just collect them! They are so lovely. I need to get my hiney in gear and kick it working on my "prizes" for girls weekend...and there is another baby quilt brewing in my head...hmmmmm.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RUN, do not and check this out! you will not regret it! also, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and now a break from dieting

Here for my Year in review of 2009, i decided to try and show some craft that i did each month. I wasn't always successful, but i tried to show some things i have put together through the year. I really hope that 2010 is a rockin' crafty year for us all!

day 2

well, i had a few bad moments yesterday where i wanted to eat the entire kitchen. I grabbed a 'forbidden' coke zero and left the house to go see a BFF and plan some future sewing. As is typical the first few days of a new diet, i am cranky. I want my mono-gluco-chemically altered-sodium-high fructose-processed foods!

deep breath.

ok, so I weighed this morning. I know i shouldn't have. but i just wanted to see. I had lost almost 3 pounds! so maybe that momentum will get me through the next 3 days.

Lunch today was carrots...ugh. sorry Guys. I am not a fan unless you are covered in ranch dressing or in some yummy concoction. The turkey and string cheese were most excellent though! I borrowed the BIG FBD(flat belly diet) book from my friend to get some additional info and recipes out of it. So what's worse than the first few days of a diet? the first few days of a diet and having to plan meals and look for recipes....basically think about food all the time!

I know i am a whiner. But this is keeping me from busting into that bag of chocolate chips in the freezer! hey is IS a MUFA! (monounsaturated fatty acids)

I did ask for prayer from a few people. I was shocked that several of them admitted to me that they are food addicts too. I also had a few people tell me that they were starting diets as well. I feel a bit better knowing i am not going it all alone. Though Satan has certainly thrown all he could in my way in the past 48 hours to try and get me to binge! Maybe that is how i know i am doing the right thing!

Monday, January 11, 2010

back on the 1

I don't know how long this will blogging about my weight loss. I have tried it before but just couldn't keep up. New year, new try. I have started , today, the Flat Belly Diet.
Breakfast was pretty good. Lunch..eeeehhh not jazzing on the Tuna without mayo to make it taste good. A little fishy for my tastes.
It is only 4 days...the first four days are "induction" and they are not fun. We will see how it goes. I am not married to this diet. I did not say "til death do us part" to it or make any vows.
I picked it because my BFF has had such good luck with it. DH is doing it with me as well. He is a doll! Maybe I struck out in the DNA lottery with my "child bearing hips" and chunky thighs...but i hit the jackpot when I got him!
Seriously....a PINT of grape tomatoes is A LOT to eat in one sitting!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

December in review...

old blue friend....

* drum roll...........................................*

I started this quilt ages ago. I finished piecing it a while back. {don't you love my 'periods of time'?} I finally finished it last week!!!! I hand quilted a tiny bit around these inner squares that go up the middle of the quilt...the rest is done on the machine.
I wanted the pattern to be sort of random, but have some symmetry to it as well. Actually i don't think i set out for symmetry but when i started designing chaos, i ended up with it! ha!

I made the top entirely from recycled jeans. I actually was able to 'collect' enough without having to go buy any to use. *happy dance* Some of the jeans had holy knees. if you are an old jean lover, that is the best part, am i right? I didn't want to waste that, so i backed the holes with some music print fabric.

This quilt is for my DS and he loves music. Orchestra music! he is 8! I figured denim was 'boyish' and 'manly'. I didn't want him to outgrow this quilt. i made it BIG! I also thought it would be cool if i left some pockets in tact on the jeans in the quilt. I then had to dodge them when i quilted so that they didn't get sewn together :)The backing was going to be a twin flat sheet, but the top got too big for it! I decided to add the strip to spice things up and to add the extra space i needed.

It is toasty warm! i am really happy with it. The "pattern" runs vertically so i set out to only quilt in vertical lines. Then i got a bit worried, so i ran a FEW horizontal lines of stitching. the actual quilting isn't the best part...i AM new to all this and wow blue jean quilts are HEAVY!

It's done and we all love it! yay!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

yarn smitten

a while back i mentioned that DH and i had picked up knitting. well....we have become obsessed! above is his first project. He made that lovely scarf for ME! Ain't he sweet?
this raspberry beauty is my first "real" project, meaning i knitted a lot and ripped out a lot of stitches before i settled down enough to finish anything other than a "test" or a scarf for one of my webkinz!

This is #2 for DH. All for him this time! made with "manly yarn!" I had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing when he said that!

and finally, my second project, a prayer shawl. I have no idea what makes this any different than a regular shawl, that is just what the pattern called it. I do know i was wearing it on NYD when we wen to the ER and as i knotted each strand of fringe sitting there waiting, i prayed for my DD to be ok!
I am so new to this knitting stuff that i really know very little. I used lion brand homespun yarn for this. I have to tell you. I didn't like it all that much. It is pretty and soft, but the fringe....shreds on you...and you can't make it stop unless you knot it. It is sort of cool looking in a ratty Muppet kind of way, but I don't think i will purchase that yarn again unless i learn some sort of trick here to for unsuspected.
I have purchased some more yarn for another project. I have been scouring the Internet for cool knitting patterns. I have found some things, but a lot are for crochet, or a knit-crochet combo. I have tried crochet....i can't do it! i may have to try again at some point...
but for now. i have other projects i have to finish! I have girls weekend coming up in February!

Friday, January 8, 2010

very late...november 09 in review

Happy new year! Is it really 2010?

It seems like we should be flying in hovercraft doesn't it? I grew up in the 80's with the Jetsons and I just KNEW that by the year 2010 we'd have robots to do our laundry and cooking!
I don't know about you, but I can't even manage to get a house elf, let alone a robot!

Our new year started off with a bang....

we did our traditional NYE thing with our BFF's...

and then ended up in the ER on NYDay with my DD who was having a very hard time breathing. NOT how i wanted to start a new year, let alone a new decade, but we weathered the storm and God is good. She is all fine now and it wasn't nearly as scary as it could have been. Looking back now God had prepared us to spend that afternoon in the ER, and its all good.
Hope you and yours had a great start to this new year! look tomorrow or later in the weekend for some peeks at new projects I have finished up lately!