Monday, January 11, 2010

back on the 1

I don't know how long this will blogging about my weight loss. I have tried it before but just couldn't keep up. New year, new try. I have started , today, the Flat Belly Diet.
Breakfast was pretty good. Lunch..eeeehhh not jazzing on the Tuna without mayo to make it taste good. A little fishy for my tastes.
It is only 4 days...the first four days are "induction" and they are not fun. We will see how it goes. I am not married to this diet. I did not say "til death do us part" to it or make any vows.
I picked it because my BFF has had such good luck with it. DH is doing it with me as well. He is a doll! Maybe I struck out in the DNA lottery with my "child bearing hips" and chunky thighs...but i hit the jackpot when I got him!
Seriously....a PINT of grape tomatoes is A LOT to eat in one sitting!

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Kris said...

Hi Cyndi,

You commented on my blog and I wanted to respond to your question, but you don't have your email address visible in your profile, so I couldn't respond via email...

You asked if those links had the patterns for the butterfly and fairies I made last week. This is the link for the butterfly (it's free!) and this is the link to where you can buy the fairy pattern

Good luck with the weight loss!