Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Well, Life has been seriously getting in the way of my creativity. I have re-organized my craft space, that's been fun, and i have done a couple of things I have to show you.

This is the card i made for DH for our 10th Anniversary. It was on Friday! We had a very low key evening. We are planning road trip this summer to celebrate, so we just ate at home and worked on our plans for that.

the "traditional" gift for the 10th anniversary is tin or i used aluminum foil for his card! cute, isn't it? I used "grommets" to attach the foil to card stock. There are ten little "tabs" that pull out with things written on them, each one is decorated differently.

Here's his "gift". I actually got him a RC helicopter too, but that was a few weeks ago. Here is a tin bucket from Target ($1), some candy and a $10 gift card for Starbucks! I have plans for the "bucket" if he abandons it. lol

the other thing i have been working on is these bridal shower invitations for a shower i am helping host. The USPO is going to love me when i mail them with all the lumps in the envelopes!

hope you are having a good weekend!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The brillance of a 4 year old.

Last night i woke up and realized my DD was in bed with my DH and I. I had no recollection of her coming in or asking to be in our bed.
"Where did you come from?" I groggily asked.

"MOM," she answered, "I'm your KID!"

insert me laughing hysterically and her pouting because it was NOT meant to be funny.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fairy Photography

I am just loving these fairies! MY DH and i are going out tomorrow looking for some more. They are just too cute! I have a million ideas for them. cute is this hedgehog? THIS is the BIG one, there are three tiny little babies!

I am definitely taking these on my road trip...Fairies on tour! I can set them up everywhere and photograph them on my vacation!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Maybe the EB (Easter Bunny) will bring me some more fairies!

Here are a few more shots of my fairies! I just love this one, she is soooo 70s and groovy! My DH says she's the ABBA fairy! *Giggle*
she's just so sparkly! I can't wait to keep playing with them and planning things for them. I need names for them too. Any suggestions for this one?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


sooooooooo I got a very cool package in the mail today from some friends of mine....NEW playmobil!!! yeeeeeeeeeeehaw! I have been all about the new (?) Fairy line, as well as the magic castle stuff and let me tell you it is just precious.
I plan on taking a lot of photos with it, so stay tuned, this is just my first quick effort to do something since it is all so lovely and sparkly and i could just eat it up!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bunny Hut

Back at Christmas we let the kids make Gingerbread houses and they had so much fun with it that i just couldn't resist when i saw this kit at Wal-Mart. My DD, who is the one much more interested in cooking and crafts, assured me that she and our DS could share, but that they could decorate it "anyway we want." Her subtle way of saying, "you have to back off Mom and let US do it!"
The day finally came and i was going to assemble the house prior to decorating, as the instructions direct. Let me just say that all those little doors and windows sure would be easier to decorate on a flat cookie rather than on the plane of a house, but whatever.

As i am taking out the cookie parts, i realize that my roofs are cracked!!!! deep breath. No worries, a little "glue" will fix that.
Then the peak of one of the side walls cracks, but i finally got the thing standing and all we had to do was wait a bit for it to dry......

It DOES come with this groovy little stand for you to build it cool!

The kids went to town decorating. My DS was mostly interested in doing his half of the roof and then just telling me what to do on the front.

Our DD did her bunny, they each did one, and her half of the roof and then announced that the "other front" was hers to do as she wished!

Here is the finished product. I dyed some coconut green for grass. His bunny is on the left, hers on the right. This is "his side" of the roof. I did the cutie little things along the top *grin*

DS decorated this window all by himself....

This is the "other front" also known as the back, that our DD did as well as her half of the roof. We had some problems with some of the "tiles" sliding, but they all managed to hang on!

And finally this is her window. she was running out of candies so she just improvised. We are taking it to our Easter celebration today, Yes, we are a week early, and all the kids can eat on it.
Hope you are all enjoying this Spring time and preparing for Easter.