Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and is looking forward to a bright new year will be here in just 14 hours! I can't believe it. We are just hangin' around the house today waiting on DH to get off work. We are going to my BFF's house tonight for Chinese take out and fireworks....a tradition now! the kids love it!
I have picked up knitting in the past few weeks, as has DH, and i think we are both consumed! It is crazy! We look like little old people sitting on the sofa knitting watching TV.
Hopefully i will be back blogging soon with lots of pictures to show and fun things to tell.
happy new year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

christmas traditions.

( James 8, Lula 5, Emma 3 and Ethan 7 and three quarters)

for as long as i can recall, so at least 10 years if not longer, DH and i have traveled to Nashville to visit some college friends of ours every Christmas. This year was no exception. Now, we have 4 kids between us, and our party of eight is quite a mess getting out the door or seated at a restaurant. Two or three years ago, we started making gingerbread houses with the kids...instead of buying gifts. The kids love it! It is so much fun...and yummy too! Here you can see our masterpieces!

Monday, December 14, 2009

another gift DONE!

I made this bag from 2 pair of recycled camo pants ....and lined it with some fabric leftover from another project. I just really love this bag. I hope the recipient loves it as much as i do. It was rather hard to make since the camo pants were rather well put together...disassembling and reassembling was a daunting task.
i actually shattered one sewing needle on my new Bernina putting this little baby together. Once it was finished i felt it needed a little something so i hand embroidered this little rose and vine on the pocket flap.

hope you all are wrapping up your holiday shopping and crafting! won't be long now!

Monday, December 7, 2009

recycled love

my DD is modeling this scarf I made for a Christmas gift. It is made from three recycled Tee shirts. I just love it. It is so soft! two of the tee shirts were old faves....they just wore out. The third was pulled right from my drawer and sacrificed for the sake of the gift. I needed another Tee and it was the right color.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa came a little early this year....

At least for me! my hub and mom chipped in to buy me this fantastic Bernina 230! yay! they were even kind enough to NOT make me wait til Christmas to get it!
I am super happy about my new baby! I also wanted to share pics with you of this needlepoint rug I found while i was thrifting for $3.88!!! It is in perfect condition! It is sooo pretty! It had to come home with me!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tree tutorial

I have a bit of a "thing' for Christmas trees. My "white" tree "died" this year and i happened to have a "spare green one in the I put it up instead. I don't like it. All the ornies were picked specifically for a white tree and basically look icky on the green one. so, now do i get a new white tree or new ornies? decisions, decisions!

Well, this started out as a tree to go outside in a urn on the front porch, but then got way too fragile and cute for all that. it has ended up on the counter in the kids' bathroom. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

here's what you need:
styro cone
hot glue
tons of plastic/vintage/whatever ornies

Here is my cone:
I hot glued, and wrapped the garland covering the cone. This particular garland i got a while back at the Thrift Store for less than $3 for a whole bag! I have enough left to make another tree easily. I love it...
It is this really beautiful pinkish silvery patina that is just yummy!

I had these flora picks from after Christmas clearance last year at Michael's. I loved them and dug and dug for several, even though i had no idea at the time how i would use them...

Above ^ is how they looked ...i decided the "green" had to go because it didn't match all the glittery goodness i had going on...below is the after, i just ripped it off.

here is the tree in its first stages after I stuck in the picks. Then i started adding old bulbs, plastic clearance salvaged ornies, vintage stuff i have hoarded, etc. until i ran out and had to make a trip to the Thrift store...
and HERE is the finished product!!! totally fab! I have to tell this...see that big pink pear at the top? I think it was 2 years ago, maybe last year Target had them at Christmas. I fell in love with them but they were $7.99 for FOUR! no way Jose! well i bought 2 boxes at 90% off because i just HAD to have them....and i finally used one box on this tree! yay! 79 cents put to good work!

hope you are all having fun decking your halls!