Friday, March 26, 2010


Hi. My name is Cyndi and I am a fabric junkie.

Here are the things i have picked up over the past few weeks. ( no, this is not all, i scored more at a 50% off sale yesterday....WHO can refuse that?)
This little beauty i picked up for $9!!!! The last Wal-Mart in our area with a fabric department is closing.....not the store, the sewing department.

An assortment of patriotic prints for my little America fiend!

I picked up all these fabric squares at our new local thrift store for $2!!! how could i refuse?!?!?

I just love this! don't know why i love it...but i do!!!

so of this lovely stuff i got that the quilt show and some I got at Wal-Mart...

This is part of what i got at the quilt show....LOVE IT!

and assorted fat quarters of course!

more yumminess to come!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Custom order...

Our very first custom order bag, delivered to it's happy owner! We'll see what happens. She contacted us and asked for a bag that had certain amenities....we designed it and priced it and she bought it! so now....we're going to take orders for custom bags if anyone else wants one. I have posted this on FB and we'll here's the story of the bag:

This is us digging through our stash looking for inspiration. Other than "i like yellow" and specific functional details, she gave us nothing to go one. She told us to do "whatever"! Fortunately for her...we do know her and have been witness to her personal taste and style for several ...many?...years so we had a feeling of what she would like.

Poor Melissa had to do almost all of the math! I am just not very good. We had some ideas that didn't work out...and we had to make changes along the way. We learned a lot....
During the process, we laid out the bag to see how amazing the trim was around the outside. We found this GREAT ribbon that was half yellow and half orange with blue dots and all of them were the perfect color! we added some brown ribbon too! voila!

She wanted a zipper pocket for cash...I am so proud that I could do a zipper! this is in the back of the once it is can get your cash!

Detail of the ribbon trim on the exterior pockets!

detail of the trim on the flap...

This is inside the back is the business card pocket and the back pocket has a magnetic closure...

Inside is one large pocket. She has a large calender that she wanted a pocket for...

She wanted a cell phone pocket and a pencil pocket....cute, right?

we're almost can see the side and back view here...

And here is the finished bag!

wow....we love it! we are glad that it is finished!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have a list of projects growing in my head.
they need out, so i am going to post them with it!

1. finish custom order handbag
2. start...and finish ....Easter outfit for my DD
3. linen purse for me!
4. sewing needle case
5. no cash wallet
6. and a million quilts running through my head!

Friday, March 19, 2010

eye candy from the 'forge

during spring break, I spent a few days with my family, courtesy of my parents, in pigeon forge, TN. Long after the trip was planned i realized that there was a quiltfest going on and i HAD TO GO CHECK IT OUT!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE cathedral window quilts....I am going to figure it out and make one...maybe something small to start with...eventually!

I snapped a few pictures of a few of the quilts in the competition...sorry i don't have the info on these...but they are just too lovely not to share!

I was like..."WOW!"

all this is hand work...beads and embroidery!

this one was so cool! all red and white and christmasy! also hand embroidered!

I will try and post a pic of the (sadly) few fat quarters I bought....they were rockin!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

new moon!

ok, so New Moon comes out on DVD on the 20th....are you excited???
my friends and I..ok, so my friend, and i am invited...are having a new moon party to watch it on Sunday afternoon!!! anyone else pumped about this?

personally i cannot wait for eclipse to come out...its my favorite!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

have you seen my blogging mojo?

clearly i have not blogged lately. I have made things...and let them leave me without photographing them.

I have been plugging along with life. Stomach virus ripped through our home last week. spring break and a trip to TN coming up next week. semi-sorta spring cleaning select areas of the house as the mood hits me.

fell into a funk...and am climbing my way back out. I have a few projects on the horizon....hopefully i will remember to photograph them so i can show you.

while away on girls weekend...we had a Cullen fest and so i have been engrossed into reading the books...AGAIN! i use the term reading loosely as i have them on MP3 so i am actually listening to them. Keeps me from totally ignoring all the laundry and things that i NEED to be doing. I will say though it is hard to listen to "books on tape" (yeah i am old) on a shuffle though. One wrong click and you are back to the beginning of a track and have no way of fast forwarding to where you were.

also, sadly the entire book is only two tracks....can you sense my frustration?

I am working my DH for a nano, but he wants to get me a new laptop...and i DO need we shall see. We do have an anniversary coming up though and he hinted that a nano might make a good gift for me. since the kids got shuffles for Christmas....seems weird to buy a new Ipod when they could have had my shuffle! oh well. this one, mine, was free. DH won it at some work thing...and actually my son won his too in a Halloween costume contest!

So, here i am listening to the first 12 hours of ECLIPSE again...yeah i know, its a hard life!
I haven't even done my month in review in ages...maybe i will catch up on that.....while i listen to eclipse!
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010