Monday, March 8, 2010

have you seen my blogging mojo?

clearly i have not blogged lately. I have made things...and let them leave me without photographing them.

I have been plugging along with life. Stomach virus ripped through our home last week. spring break and a trip to TN coming up next week. semi-sorta spring cleaning select areas of the house as the mood hits me.

fell into a funk...and am climbing my way back out. I have a few projects on the horizon....hopefully i will remember to photograph them so i can show you.

while away on girls weekend...we had a Cullen fest and so i have been engrossed into reading the books...AGAIN! i use the term reading loosely as i have them on MP3 so i am actually listening to them. Keeps me from totally ignoring all the laundry and things that i NEED to be doing. I will say though it is hard to listen to "books on tape" (yeah i am old) on a shuffle though. One wrong click and you are back to the beginning of a track and have no way of fast forwarding to where you were.

also, sadly the entire book is only two tracks....can you sense my frustration?

I am working my DH for a nano, but he wants to get me a new laptop...and i DO need we shall see. We do have an anniversary coming up though and he hinted that a nano might make a good gift for me. since the kids got shuffles for Christmas....seems weird to buy a new Ipod when they could have had my shuffle! oh well. this one, mine, was free. DH won it at some work thing...and actually my son won his too in a Halloween costume contest!

So, here i am listening to the first 12 hours of ECLIPSE again...yeah i know, its a hard life!
I haven't even done my month in review in ages...maybe i will catch up on that.....while i listen to eclipse!
Happy Monday!

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