Sunday, October 31, 2010

a T shirt quilt

This is my new best friend! Sta-flow liquid starch! i am in love with it. SOOOO much better than spray starch and yet so hard to find! good for many things...but especially helpful if you are making a T shirt quilt.

My Cousin's hub was killed about three years ago in a car wreck leaving her with a 6month old. Well, that "baby" just turned three and I was so honored to be a part of the most amazing gift ever! My darling cousin saved a number of her late hub's T shirts in hopes of one day having a quilt made for their son! *pick me*choose me*I want to do it* PLEASE****

so, I was trusted, and got the bag of shirts back during the Summer. I started looking around online because i knew this had to be the most amazing T shirt quilt EVER! I found some really nice, and IMO not so nice, stuff out there. The most helpful was This site. I loved what she was doing and OH MY she had a book! Well i ordered that baby and then.....

used a lot of her ideas with a few of mine and ended up with this drawing....

and all this MATH to do (no one told me there'd be math!), and then something that looked like this...

and finally something that started to resemble a QUILT!

Here is where the liquid starch comes in...when i decided what size i wanted the "squares" i rough cut them and then put them into a bowl of undiluted liquid starch! One they had soaked it up, i wrung them out with my hands and then popped them in my dryer with a DRY towel.

When they came out, i ironed them and then cut them to size. I then proceeded with the quilty goodness as directed in the fab book I bought Here.

And this my friends is the finished product! Isn't it amazing? and he loved it....i wish i had a pic of him with it to show you....maybe i can snag one...I hope she won't mind!

Monday, October 18, 2010

a Jumble of Squares

Well here it is! finally. I made this quilt for a friend of mine's daughter. I meant to make it shortly after she was born. They didn't know what they were having...well, a baby of course, but not the sex! So i wanted to wait and make the quilt for the baby...and i hadn't met him or her yet!
Well, Ruthie turned 1 several months ago...and i had an idea, but no quilt.

Found out a few weeks ago that they will be having an addition to the family in about 9 months and that gave me the incentive to get in gear!
The mom of this particular Ruthie, hates all things pink and frilly. I didn't want the quilt to be too babyish...i wanted her to be able to love it for a long time. I absolutely LOVE this quilt. I didn't want to give it away!
See that 2nd square from the top in the right row? It's cherries on a blue background. That fabric has been in my stash for YEARS waiting to become something it is! I love those cherries and I am thrilled that at least part of them has moved on to a happy home!

I put this in so maybe you can see the quilting on the back. I am still not VERY good at machine quilting(and even worse by hand) so I like to stick with backing that won't show all the "mistakes". I love using sheets....lots of fabric for little money if you know how to shop! I am a new quilter so don't expect too much! the inspiration for this quilt...i can't find again, but the link she linked is here. It's how I made my blocks, but i altered the size a bit! super easy! and a ton of fun!

here is the tag that i am currently using on all hair is blue and my BFF has red hair...people call us "Blue and Red" or "red and blue"...whatever. It stuck...but it makes me wonder what will happen when/if i change my hair color???

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Popeye the Sailor Man!

So my Son, always inventive, wanted a Popeye Party for his NINTH (when did he get so old?) Birthday. I am here to tell you that there is NOTHING online to help a girl out when planning a Popeye party! I had to be really creative on this one~

He, of course, wanted a costume. I was NOT going to spend $40 on a crappy store bought one! Have you noticed how poorly most of those costumes are made? ICK! I constructed this Popeye shirt with a $4 Navy Tee and some felt i had "in stock"! Turned out pretty good i think!

I was lucky enough to be selected for another house party...this one by Capri Sun! SO, our Popeye party was "sponsored" by Capri Sun! (thank you craft!) They sent Frisbees and Terra cycle pencil pouches for all the kids, and coupons and magnetic frames for the moms! In honor or Capri sun, we played that game where you pass an orange held under your chin from person to person....this does not go over well with this age group! It was very funny though! We also bought MANY cans of Popeye spinach and let the kids throw baseballs at them...the LOVED this!
WE had mini hamburgers in honor of Wimpy and several dishes with spinach! If you have any good recipes that use canned spinach.....I have several banged up cans in my pantry....send them my way~!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

wow! where have i been?

i thought i was going to be able to do a catch up post, but life is getting in the way. I do have a lot to share...apparently just not now :(