Sunday, October 17, 2010

Popeye the Sailor Man!

So my Son, always inventive, wanted a Popeye Party for his NINTH (when did he get so old?) Birthday. I am here to tell you that there is NOTHING online to help a girl out when planning a Popeye party! I had to be really creative on this one~

He, of course, wanted a costume. I was NOT going to spend $40 on a crappy store bought one! Have you noticed how poorly most of those costumes are made? ICK! I constructed this Popeye shirt with a $4 Navy Tee and some felt i had "in stock"! Turned out pretty good i think!

I was lucky enough to be selected for another house party...this one by Capri Sun! SO, our Popeye party was "sponsored" by Capri Sun! (thank you craft!) They sent Frisbees and Terra cycle pencil pouches for all the kids, and coupons and magnetic frames for the moms! In honor or Capri sun, we played that game where you pass an orange held under your chin from person to person....this does not go over well with this age group! It was very funny though! We also bought MANY cans of Popeye spinach and let the kids throw baseballs at them...the LOVED this!
WE had mini hamburgers in honor of Wimpy and several dishes with spinach! If you have any good recipes that use canned spinach.....I have several banged up cans in my pantry....send them my way~!!

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