Saturday, October 17, 2009

its the little things...

those of you who know me, know that i am a little bit sad that my daughter wants to be a boy. She's five and not girly AT ALL.

There are moments though when she blows me away. Not that her wanting to be a boy keeps me from loving her so much it hurts, its just that i'd love it if she'd wear a skirt now and then! or a funky dress!

anyway...those moments that blow me away...every night after her daddy puts her to bed, she asks for me. she wants a song, the same one every night, and she wants me to lay with her...just for 5 minutes. She's happy with 5 minutes...that's all! she snuggles up next to me, and usually wants to hold my hand. It is the sweetest thing. She's not a snuggly girl. This is really special time for us.

the other thing is that she's taken to using my camera. the little point and shoot, she's knows she's allowed to use it ...

Here's evidence that she's been at it again...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

quliting bug....its bit me!


ok, ok whatever! but i made this awesome tree block, just trying to figure it out and loved it. I wanted to do something with it, so i decided to quilt it. Gave me some practice with my "Walking foot". I have always been too scared to use it. *shrug*

ok TRY, not to laugh here. Yes, i KNOW it looks like Elmo colored all over my quilt square....

but again, i was just using up scraps, trying out a maverick star, and thought...hmmmmmmmm wonder how that free motion quilting thing works?????
so i gave it a whirl. lol. not as scary as i thought, nor as easy as i had hoped. lol. but, it is practice...and another coaster/trivet/pot holder thingy!
I finally finished the "blue jean" quilt top i have been working on for my DS. I am terrified to quilt it. It is sooooooo heavy and soooooo big. I don't usually "do" small. oh well. Maybe my friends at the quilting group can help me figure it out...hint! hint!!

September month in Review

Friday, October 9, 2009

crock pot dinner take two!

the recipe for this can be found here. first, let me say that mine, looked very little like her picture of it. I suspect that i overcooked mine i suppose. While the concept was good, and easy, ours had a bitter taste. I even bought pulp free OJ just like she recommended. K seemed to think there was too much orange rind in it...til i told him there was none! ha!
DD ate it up...which is odd to say the least. the rest of us did eat it, though the addition of some soy sauce to kill the bitterness(from overcooking the OJ???) did help. Not terrible, just not yummy like i had expected. Might try it again sometime and tweak it a bit! hmmm, well that was the 2nd day of slow cooking.

****also I would like to direct your attention to the "blogs i love" in the side bar....a few new additions....Mrs. Medlin, be sure you check out that first'll love know him!!!***

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quilting Bee

so here's what we've been doing at our quilting group at Church. We just finished our blocks and we will be sashing and putting it all together soon. I believe we are going to raffle it to raise money for something at church.
I know i sort of bailed on the crock pot dinner posts...they will come soon enough. I have cooked some of them, but just haven't had the time to post about them. I wanted to share this! we all made random blocks and then came up with this layout...there really wasn't a "plan" when we started. pretty cool, huh?