Friday, October 9, 2009

crock pot dinner take two!

the recipe for this can be found here. first, let me say that mine, looked very little like her picture of it. I suspect that i overcooked mine i suppose. While the concept was good, and easy, ours had a bitter taste. I even bought pulp free OJ just like she recommended. K seemed to think there was too much orange rind in it...til i told him there was none! ha!
DD ate it up...which is odd to say the least. the rest of us did eat it, though the addition of some soy sauce to kill the bitterness(from overcooking the OJ???) did help. Not terrible, just not yummy like i had expected. Might try it again sometime and tweak it a bit! hmmm, well that was the 2nd day of slow cooking.

****also I would like to direct your attention to the "blogs i love" in the side bar....a few new additions....Mrs. Medlin, be sure you check out that first'll love know him!!!***


Ann said...

hey, its me Theresa, i am following your blogs but i don't know if my pic is up yet my name is ilovelucy , well ttyl!!!

MamaDrama77 said...

JUST now reading your blog--and JUST now checking out your newest material!

He has a blog! OUTSTANDING.