Thursday, August 28, 2008

wishing for a space of my own...

so i just posted that i was hoping to take over some space in my kids' playroom. Secretly i look at the HUGE corner in my bedroom, the one i didn't know what to do with, the one i decided should be a cozy little nook for me, the one my DH said i could have...and the one i foolishly decided that i didn't want to put a desk in because i didn't want all that STUFF in our bedroom to kill the romance and ambiance! shaaaaaa!

Who really has that when they have young kids, or any kids at all, at home?

Well, my DH gave me $1000 to buy myself a chaise lounge. Generous i think. Well we found this one and got it for $400. This was, hmmm a year and a half ago, and i am not really sure what i did with the rest of the money....rolls eyes...i know, i know! I spent a lONG time looking for a lamp to go in the corner behind the chaise. But it needed to have a on/off switch at the top, not the bottom, and it needed to hang over the chaise, not shine up...and it needed to not be modern...and well...i don't think THE lamp i gave up hope.

I did use the chaise for a while...but now..not so much. it has a tendency to Collect things on! The one excellent use for it is that when my kids get up in the middle of the night and want in our bed...they can sleep on the chaise without actually being in our bed. James is too big and Lula is too...obnoxious when she sleeps, plus they ALWAYS want in the middle and i have waited A LOT of years to sleep with a man in my bed...and i like to sleep next to him! Plus, it is only a Queen size so not a lot of extra room.

Sorry...i lost my point..oh yeah...the space i want for myself...well i was reading a blog of my favorite blogs Mish Mash and her newest post is about her FAB craft room! so if you want to drool...go check it out. meanwhile i think I'll go try to unearth my chaise so i can sit on it and ponder how i am going to build me a little space...other than the closets i have crammed with stuff....WAIT !!! THE closets are right outside my kid's rooms!!! maybe i can store some of their TOYS from the playroom in the closets!!!! I am brilliant! except i am not sure i can stuff a big plastic play kitchen in a closet!



now go look at that blog!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

life is what happens when you want to craft!

Apparently the stars aren't aligned for me to craft right now. I have been on a cleaning out and organizing binge. I am really wanting to scrapbook...and i really need to make some cards! Maybe over the LONG weekend I can manage something.

I am also considering...and exploring....taking over part of the kids' playroom, which they rarely use, for my crafty corner. Wish me luck. I have been purging toys and tossing things when the kids aren't looking. Sending things to Gran's.....she wants new toys there...and i want to get rid of some!

Hope you are all having a great week!



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Beginings

I have been steadily working on my DS birthday for several weeks. The invitations are almost ready to print *see the front above*. The party isn't until 9/20 so i have a little bit of time. I have to admit that i have gotten several ideas from looking around online for Indiana Jones Birthday Party ideas. this one is one of the best that i have seen. I have taken some of her ideas, and some I got from other places and turned them into things that will work for us. I am honestly not as creative as i appear, i just get ideas from others and tweak them to suit my needs. I wish i had more to show you right now, but i just don't. Things are in the process of coming together and nothing is quite finished yet. I do have to say that the MAIN part of the party is going to be an adventure to help Indiana recover some stolen treasure. My BFF 's husband is going to dress up as Indy and my DH is going to be Mr. Jones, Indy's dad!
i have also been working getting things ready for a children's consignment sale that started this weekend. I went yesterday and totally racked up on clothes for my two! Actually got some really cute things for my DD that look like GIRL CLOTHES that she approves of! whoo hoo!
So, that's my life right now. I hope yours is going well. Just juggling school, parties, and life here....maybe i will stamps some again soon! I will definitely have more party stuff to show you soon!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Into a Movie

I have movie night with a friend of mine about everyweek. We totally abuse his netflix account. Anyway, he usually picks movies that I can't stand! Like really bad things i need to erase from my memory, i cannot belive i just waitsted two hours on this type stuff. He has picked some winners though. This is one of them.

I am totally haunted by this movie now and want to read the book. he has it. i am going to borrow it.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm so blue-ew-ew-ew blue-ew-ew. I'm so blue I dont know what to do!

Ok, so again with the hair. I just "re-dyed" it. and yea, its GROVER BLUE! but i love it. so much fun! so the darker hair color that is really blue is the most recent one, its called "electric blue" and the more aqua color is called "huckleberry blue" and that is the old color...the one that was fading and washing out horribly!
I realize you are probably tired of seeing silly pictures of my hair..but hey, that's about all i have going on right now! More creative and amazing stuff will be coming soon i promise!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back to the Daily Grind!

School starts today for DS and we are up and at 'em and back to our normal routine...if anything we do is normal. Hopefully this will cause me to be creative and actually accomplish some things. I had gotten into a bad lazy summer slump! I am busy planning an Indiana Jones party for DS in September and helping the Duchess plan a flower fairy party for September as well! I am sure there will be goodies to show from all that!

Be well!

Monday, August 4, 2008

School supplies...three ring binders!

So, i have not been very creative lately, unless you consider my new hair color! But what i have managed to put together in the last little while is a workable system to save my DS's school work and memorabilia. His 5K teachers put together a small memory book for him at the end of the year, and it was in a small 3 ring binder. It gave me a super idea! I bought the biggest, sturdiest 3 ring binder i could find, then i decorated it....

Then i found these spiffy divider pages that have pockets...great for report cards or other things that can't easily be 'scrapped' or glued down to a page. I got enough dividers for ever year 5K -12. I used some of the pages that the teachers had put in the memory book they made, added some things i had saved from the year, and scrapped a few pages myself.

So as you can see, all the things are slid into page as he grows i can go back and weed out all the color pages or spelling tests from kindergarten that i am sure won't be as necessary to me in say 5 years as they are now. Easy peasy!

The next binder, well i have had this one for a while. The Duchess and i are totally addicted to magazine tears. (we picked up that term when we had an exciting career in advertising...Art directors, stylists and photographers would go through mags and tear out ideas...they were called tears! ) One thing we do is tear out recipes. Well, mine have been in a huge jumble for a while and after seeing the glorious organization of the Duchess's recipe binder, i was inspired to get mine in order.

so i pulled them all out, and organized them. I made my own dividers for this binder by sleeving a sheet of colored cardstock and punching out a tab with my SU! tab punch and attaching it with photo splits. I will go back and 'decorate' my divider pages at some point, but right now, with school starting in 3 days i am pretty comsumed with getting ready for that. I just needed some orginization in my life and was going through some mags yesterday i spread out in the floor and did it!