Monday, August 4, 2008

School supplies...three ring binders!

So, i have not been very creative lately, unless you consider my new hair color! But what i have managed to put together in the last little while is a workable system to save my DS's school work and memorabilia. His 5K teachers put together a small memory book for him at the end of the year, and it was in a small 3 ring binder. It gave me a super idea! I bought the biggest, sturdiest 3 ring binder i could find, then i decorated it....

Then i found these spiffy divider pages that have pockets...great for report cards or other things that can't easily be 'scrapped' or glued down to a page. I got enough dividers for ever year 5K -12. I used some of the pages that the teachers had put in the memory book they made, added some things i had saved from the year, and scrapped a few pages myself.

So as you can see, all the things are slid into page as he grows i can go back and weed out all the color pages or spelling tests from kindergarten that i am sure won't be as necessary to me in say 5 years as they are now. Easy peasy!

The next binder, well i have had this one for a while. The Duchess and i are totally addicted to magazine tears. (we picked up that term when we had an exciting career in advertising...Art directors, stylists and photographers would go through mags and tear out ideas...they were called tears! ) One thing we do is tear out recipes. Well, mine have been in a huge jumble for a while and after seeing the glorious organization of the Duchess's recipe binder, i was inspired to get mine in order.

so i pulled them all out, and organized them. I made my own dividers for this binder by sleeving a sheet of colored cardstock and punching out a tab with my SU! tab punch and attaching it with photo splits. I will go back and 'decorate' my divider pages at some point, but right now, with school starting in 3 days i am pretty comsumed with getting ready for that. I just needed some orginization in my life and was going through some mags yesterday i spread out in the floor and did it!


MamaDrama77 said...

Hooray! I just jumped back into scrapbooking with both feet myself. Working on a sentiment album for my soon-to-be-90-year-old grandpappa... Also re-archiving my mom's baby book, which is falling apart... then I've got to start on the know what, I'll just blog about it.

Sally said...

Love your scrapbooking and idea for staying organized. Blue hair- go for it. I am not blessed with much hair so anytime anyone can have fun, I say do it.. Hooray for you.