Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm so blue-ew-ew-ew blue-ew-ew. I'm so blue I dont know what to do!

Ok, so again with the hair. I just "re-dyed" it. and yea, its GROVER BLUE! but i love it. so much fun! so the darker hair color that is really blue is the most recent one, its called "electric blue" and the more aqua color is called "huckleberry blue" and that is the old color...the one that was fading and washing out horribly!
I realize you are probably tired of seeing silly pictures of my hair..but hey, that's about all i have going on right now! More creative and amazing stuff will be coming soon i promise!



Michelle said...

I like the darker blue..With the lighting at church I thought you had put some black streaks mixed in with the blue...LOL

Cyndi said...

I absolutely LOVE the blue! How fun! I always wanted pink....but my hair is so dark and I don't want to bleach it first! ok, my rebel days are almost gone and I can't take my mom's criticism...too chicken!!