Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Beginings

I have been steadily working on my DS birthday for several weeks. The invitations are almost ready to print *see the front above*. The party isn't until 9/20 so i have a little bit of time. I have to admit that i have gotten several ideas from looking around online for Indiana Jones Birthday Party ideas. this one is one of the best that i have seen. I have taken some of her ideas, and some I got from other places and turned them into things that will work for us. I am honestly not as creative as i appear, i just get ideas from others and tweak them to suit my needs. I wish i had more to show you right now, but i just don't. Things are in the process of coming together and nothing is quite finished yet. I do have to say that the MAIN part of the party is going to be an adventure to help Indiana recover some stolen treasure. My BFF 's husband is going to dress up as Indy and my DH is going to be Mr. Jones, Indy's dad!
i have also been working getting things ready for a children's consignment sale that started this weekend. I went yesterday and totally racked up on clothes for my two! Actually got some really cute things for my DD that look like GIRL CLOTHES that she approves of! whoo hoo!
So, that's my life right now. I hope yours is going well. Just juggling school, parties, and life here....maybe i will stamps some again soon! I will definitely have more party stuff to show you soon!


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