Saturday, January 29, 2011

My girl likes to paint all the time!

so we finally decided on a color for the Master bed and bath! bought the paint on Friday...and have been painting ever since! Still not done! {HUGE shout out to my parents for helping us paint!!!}

We ended up choosing Sherwin Williams Tidewater for the Bathroom and it is so LOVELY! I can't wait to show you pictures once the room is back together. I will have to find some before photos too if i can.

We went with Sherwin Williams Wool Skein in the bedroom and so far i LOVE it! I got a coat of primer and paint on the walls today...tomorrow the GIANT Vaulted {?} Tray{?} whatever ..ceiling!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Wreath...easy peasy!

As promised, here is my "other" wreath for Valentine's made from Christmas clearance items. I got this wreath at the thrift store for 75 cents. Add a little spray paint... and some "christmas" glittery picks....
and you get a sparkly Valentine wreath for your pantry door!

Those little white cherubs that are all over my Valentine decorations, are actually a Christmas ornament that my Grandfather had {for some reason} and entire box of which i inherited! works for me :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's .....sigh.

well, here i am in my first ever linky party! the Valentin's Mantel Linky Party to be exact! Sponsored by The stories of A to Z and her wonderful self! Enough's my Mantle...
That cute little lion is Braveheart, be sure to wave hello to him! {yes, i am thirysomething and i play with Webkinz!} Those darling little topiaries on the left I made several years ago and you can find a tutorial for them here. The hearts and bow I've added to my candles are all Christmas clearance I've picked up in the past! gotta love that, right?

Speaking of Christmas Clearance, this wreath on my front door is also made from stuff I found at JoAnn a few weeks ago at 90% off! go me!!!!

Here is my Buffet that sits in my entryway. Again, mostly Christmas Clearance, including the Pink Pears {LOVE THEM!} and the red hots {TEN cents a bag!} Yes, more webkinz, because what says Valentine's more than pink poodles????

Here's a close up....scored that Cupid at the Thrift store for $1.50 and painted him! made those hurricane with some inspiration from about a dozen tutorials all over the web. Search, i am sure you can find one!

These conversation heart bowls are a hand me down from my mom who won them at Bunco or something and didn't use them and that darling printable....yeah feeling bad about now....i can't remember where I found it! If it's yours. let me know and i'll link you up! {$1 thrift store frame!}

Here are some more shots of Valentine goodness....

{LOVE sign and mailbox from Target....I decorated the mail box a few years back} Love is definitely busting out all over my house! I have another wreath i made from Christmas Clearance that I will show tomorrow! come back!
linking up here at the party:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

paint crazy!

So I have been looking around the Internet drooling over all the home decor blogs and its got me itching to redecorate. Threeish years with flat builder paint, and it is probably time to do it anyway.
I've decided to repaint my bed room and bath room. Here's the problem. I would LOVE to do that white on white sort of look...but my Sherwin Williams Pacer White.
^^^^^^^ doesn't look too bad here...and doesn't look too bad in my house either...but go check out a paint chip and it is a funky color. Not sure WHY the "decorators" for my builders chose that color..but i didn't have a choice in the matter. hmpf! I am really not wanting to repaint all the trim in those two rooms to change it. Really not an this point. shrug.

So currently my walls are Sherwin Williams Portabello
<-------- which i did choose. My bed and bath, the hall, the kids' rooms {I did add some decorative painting over this in the kids' rooms to snazz it up} and the Living Room are all this color. I love it, but am ready for a change.
I wanted to keep my bedding. Not tired of it yet. Its a quilt from PB and has oodles of colors in it, so i didn't see a need to change it.

I really wanted to paint the walls a nice ivory, or cream or something. When i got home with all my new paint chips looked horrible with my "pacer white" trim. boo!
Also, I found some new drapes that i LOVE which are a aqua/teal/blue-ish color and they made the creams look yellow and i didn't like that either. So, I ended up looking for blues that matched, but were much lighter, than the drapery. makes sense, right?

Well, today i went and got those cool little sample paints of Sherwin Williams Tidewater
<------- <-------- <------- <--------

and Behr Aqua Breeze
<------ I've painted patches in my bath and bedroom in several different places and right now want to pull my hair out!!! When i first painted, I liked the darker one. But now, it looks too dark! {I've added another coat since i am covering such a dark color}
Also, in our last house, the master bed and bath were painted blue. I loved it, but I am not ready to repeat that 'style' again. Yes, these are really aqua-ish, but still in the blue family. grrrr!
Now, I am even considering.....a totally new direction in paint....a friend to the pacer white I'm stuck with....

Sand Dollar by Sherwin Williams
sigh. Pacer White is the lightest color on the paint strip. Portabello {what i have now} is #5 out of 7. Sand Dollar is #2. Honestly it doesn't excite me, but I think i need to try it since it might give me "the look" i want and not clash with the fab drapes OR the pacer white trim. In real life, on the paint chip, it seems a little tiny bit pinkish, and a whole lot like "builder beige", but maybe it will surprise me.
The thing to consider with all this is that the time of day makes a HUGE difference in what any of these colors look well as where they are located in the rooms. {because of the lighting} This is why i have swatches painted in 2 places in the bed room and in 3 in the bath. I don't think I have ever had this much trouble picking a paint color before!
The other thing that concerns me....what if i like all that white on white stuff in theory, but not in reality? I am a color person. I have an antique red {behr} kitchen and i love it! I just want soft and tranquil for my bed and bath. I have wanted white white cream white for a long time but have said that it wasn't practical.....and thought now i'd give it a whirl in my rooms. shrug. I'll keep you posted.
Comments and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated here! help!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am about to start a re-do on my bed and bath room. I have been looking for several things for my house since the Christmas decor came down and working on Valentine's decorations...posts on that to come soon!
I found, well i guess my BFF found, these FAB paintings at the thrift store today...but decided she didn't want to spend the $$ on them. {I've recently blogged about how our thrift store's prices have gotten insane!} When she showed them to me, i fell in love! I also realized that they had a YELLOW tag and that today yellow tags were 50% off! So, i was able to score them both for $6.88! yes! She didn't even make me fight her for them! not THAT"S a true friend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet my new friend!

Here is my new friend....Violet Dashwood! My Bff and i made her just a week or two ago! she is a combo of us both...Red&Blue! {notice her groovy hair} Here she is posing with some of our latest thrift store finds! {after some glue and several coats of spray paint to spiff them up!}

I have to say that she is super groovy and even has her own FB page! If you want to be her friend, look her up, she' love to get to know you!

When we were at the thrift store...we saw this chicken.. perched on a shelf in the thrift store. NOT an antique store, or consignment shop; the THRIFT store in all its nastiness....and it was taped together with packing tape; to keep it from separating i suppose. The one in the picture above seems a bit iridescent, but this one was not. Just that amber was marked $74.95!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!? they also had a clear one marked about $12. Seriously? I've looked online and seen them in the $20-$30 range depending on the glass they are made of, but they are from antique stores, etc. Not filthy and surrounded by packing tape!
I also saw something VERY similar to this....which is currently listed in Etsy for $12.50...was marked $19.95!!! again at the THRIFT STORE! not to mention that several things were spotted from Dollar Tree marked WaY over a dollar! WHAT are these people thinking?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Decorations

Since rearranging my living room, i have found that i have all these new surfaces to decorate seasonally. Since i didn't really have everything 'set' before decorating for Christmas, once i took that all down, my house looked pitifully bare! This is what i cam up with for the buffet that is now in my entryway....
i think if you click the pic you can see it bigger. I got that design in the frame as a free printable from a blog i stumbled on...sorry i don't remember who or where. the two photographs are of me and my sweetie on 2 separate New Year's Eve's. Guessing I need to frame a pic of the kids on NYE now that we party together! The little honeycomb centerpiece i got in a "kit" on clearance after new year's for $1.25 ( included a banner, which is hanging from my mantle!, confetti (?) and a plastic table cloth) the blowers were less than $1 also bought after New Years! the welcome snowflake is a clearance ornament :).
I am enjoying building my January decoration collection....I have two wreaths, but that's been about it. I'll be ready for next, on to Valentine's Day Decor....coming soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I lost a friend this week. Suddenly. Tragically. She left a husband and two children, 9 and 4 behind. I know it seems hokey to say, but she was an amazing Godly woman who did so much for our Church and community. She will be greatly missed by not only her family, but by many, many friends!

Here's hoping that the new year brings much better things for us all.