Saturday, January 29, 2011

My girl likes to paint all the time!

so we finally decided on a color for the Master bed and bath! bought the paint on Friday...and have been painting ever since! Still not done! {HUGE shout out to my parents for helping us paint!!!}

We ended up choosing Sherwin Williams Tidewater for the Bathroom and it is so LOVELY! I can't wait to show you pictures once the room is back together. I will have to find some before photos too if i can.

We went with Sherwin Williams Wool Skein in the bedroom and so far i LOVE it! I got a coat of primer and paint on the walls today...tomorrow the GIANT Vaulted {?} Tray{?} whatever ..ceiling!


Amie said...

Do you have any finished pictures of the room that you used Tidewater in? I am thinking about using that color in my kitchen and dining room, but trying to find actual pictures of rooms done in this color.

cyndi said...

I will get some up in a day or two for you! check back for a new post! I love that color!