Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Decorations

Since rearranging my living room, i have found that i have all these new surfaces to decorate seasonally. Since i didn't really have everything 'set' before decorating for Christmas, once i took that all down, my house looked pitifully bare! This is what i cam up with for the buffet that is now in my entryway....
i think if you click the pic you can see it bigger. I got that design in the frame as a free printable from a blog i stumbled on...sorry i don't remember who or where. the two photographs are of me and my sweetie on 2 separate New Year's Eve's. Guessing I need to frame a pic of the kids on NYE now that we party together! The little honeycomb centerpiece i got in a "kit" on clearance after new year's for $1.25 ( included a banner, which is hanging from my mantle!, confetti (?) and a plastic table cloth) the blowers were less than $1 also bought after New Years! the welcome snowflake is a clearance ornament :).
I am enjoying building my January decoration collection....I have two wreaths, but that's been about it. I'll be ready for next, on to Valentine's Day Decor....coming soon!

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