Friday, March 26, 2010


Hi. My name is Cyndi and I am a fabric junkie.

Here are the things i have picked up over the past few weeks. ( no, this is not all, i scored more at a 50% off sale yesterday....WHO can refuse that?)
This little beauty i picked up for $9!!!! The last Wal-Mart in our area with a fabric department is closing.....not the store, the sewing department.

An assortment of patriotic prints for my little America fiend!

I picked up all these fabric squares at our new local thrift store for $2!!! how could i refuse?!?!?

I just love this! don't know why i love it...but i do!!!

so of this lovely stuff i got that the quilt show and some I got at Wal-Mart...

This is part of what i got at the quilt show....LOVE IT!

and assorted fat quarters of course!

more yumminess to come!


MamaDrama77 said...

Salivating...oh the THINGS you can DO with those!!!!

Lately I have been dying for an embroidery machine. I want to design appliques. Ever tried that? Just wondering if it's a pain in the hiney.

cyndi said...

i have nver done any machine embroidery. sorry. i can't help with that.