Saturday, January 9, 2010

yarn smitten

a while back i mentioned that DH and i had picked up knitting. well....we have become obsessed! above is his first project. He made that lovely scarf for ME! Ain't he sweet?
this raspberry beauty is my first "real" project, meaning i knitted a lot and ripped out a lot of stitches before i settled down enough to finish anything other than a "test" or a scarf for one of my webkinz!

This is #2 for DH. All for him this time! made with "manly yarn!" I had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing when he said that!

and finally, my second project, a prayer shawl. I have no idea what makes this any different than a regular shawl, that is just what the pattern called it. I do know i was wearing it on NYD when we wen to the ER and as i knotted each strand of fringe sitting there waiting, i prayed for my DD to be ok!
I am so new to this knitting stuff that i really know very little. I used lion brand homespun yarn for this. I have to tell you. I didn't like it all that much. It is pretty and soft, but the fringe....shreds on you...and you can't make it stop unless you knot it. It is sort of cool looking in a ratty Muppet kind of way, but I don't think i will purchase that yarn again unless i learn some sort of trick here to for unsuspected.
I have purchased some more yarn for another project. I have been scouring the Internet for cool knitting patterns. I have found some things, but a lot are for crochet, or a knit-crochet combo. I have tried crochet....i can't do it! i may have to try again at some point...
but for now. i have other projects i have to finish! I have girls weekend coming up in February!

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