Sunday, January 10, 2010

old blue friend....

* drum roll...........................................*

I started this quilt ages ago. I finished piecing it a while back. {don't you love my 'periods of time'?} I finally finished it last week!!!! I hand quilted a tiny bit around these inner squares that go up the middle of the quilt...the rest is done on the machine.
I wanted the pattern to be sort of random, but have some symmetry to it as well. Actually i don't think i set out for symmetry but when i started designing chaos, i ended up with it! ha!

I made the top entirely from recycled jeans. I actually was able to 'collect' enough without having to go buy any to use. *happy dance* Some of the jeans had holy knees. if you are an old jean lover, that is the best part, am i right? I didn't want to waste that, so i backed the holes with some music print fabric.

This quilt is for my DS and he loves music. Orchestra music! he is 8! I figured denim was 'boyish' and 'manly'. I didn't want him to outgrow this quilt. i made it BIG! I also thought it would be cool if i left some pockets in tact on the jeans in the quilt. I then had to dodge them when i quilted so that they didn't get sewn together :)The backing was going to be a twin flat sheet, but the top got too big for it! I decided to add the strip to spice things up and to add the extra space i needed.

It is toasty warm! i am really happy with it. The "pattern" runs vertically so i set out to only quilt in vertical lines. Then i got a bit worried, so i ran a FEW horizontal lines of stitching. the actual quilting isn't the best part...i AM new to all this and wow blue jean quilts are HEAVY!

It's done and we all love it! yay!

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Mary said...

So cute! I really like the way to put it together!