Friday, January 15, 2010

my head is like a plate of speghetti

so, last night my DS woke me from a very deep sleep and a lovely dream to tell me he couldn't sleep and there was a spider in his bathroom that he was trying to catch. thankyouverymuch!

my brain started spinning and hasn't stopped. I have my DD "ROCK STAR" bday party. We have a friend who is a rock star and we would LOVE to hire him to do something at the party for entertainment...but what?!?!?! i am asking everyone I know to think about it.

i also have a baby quilt banging around in my head, but that has a while. It is trying to develop and "get out" but so far I haven't had time to sit down and plan it.

I have embroidery i NEED to be doing for girls weekend mid FEBRUARY!!! and a stack of library books to go through.

not to mention this new diet i need to be making a shopping list for! Two birthday parties this weekend, a trip to spend your whole check whole foods, and a Quilter's bag i want to make for myself!

wow...if you could burn calories simply by thinking, I'd never have to worry about my weight!

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