Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you know how hard it is to make two kids who don't want their pictures made stand still, look normal and not smack each other?
I am guessing you have a clue.
Here are my darling angles from Easter....DD outfit i made. I would change a few things if i could...but if i ever make it again, i'll know.
Hope you had a great Easter!

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MamaDrama77 said...

Um...ADORABLE!!! Was she thrilled at the prospect of not having to wear a froofy dress? Don't tell her it's still girly. I love it. And yes, I know your frustration at coaxing a semblance of pleasantness out of two wild Indians for one lousy photo...all too well.

I have been on a crafty/sewing SPREE of late...and I'm hankering after making an outfit for my own sweet girl. I really want to make something for summer that combines several black and white patterns. Sort of in this style:[]=tags&includes[]=title

I'll let you know if and when this project begins!