Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the road again...

in a bout a week my family and i will be headed south to the beautiful beaches of Panama City. At least i hope they are beautiful! I hope this oil spill mess hasn't ruined it for us. We will go anyway and enjoy the pool and the fun, even if we can't enjoy the actual beach!
After that, we are headed even farther south to Orlando to stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel for a few days and to go to Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventures! We are especially excited to be arriving after the Wizarding world of Harry Potter opens! Muggles that we are, we love our Harry!

I am really excited about the trip, though i have to admit it feels wrong to go to Orlando and not visit the mouse. I just might have to pop over to Downtown Disney for some Magic while we are there; i don't know if i can stand it!

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