Thursday, December 30, 2010

about to ring in the new year....

Its been a while since I have sat down to blog. Shame on me. As the year 2010 draws to a close, I realize that i need to wrap up some things here in the blog. one of the last things i talked about was the insanity that my house was going through. I wanted a computer armoire for the living room.....wellllllll not that easy. Couldn't fine anything in our price range that didn't look like office furniture. hmpf!
Then, hub had a GREAT idea....turn our TV armoire into one for the computer. Score! Now, what to do with the TV. Apparently all of America has nice flat screen TVs now...except us! I wasn't in the market for a new TV (sorry dear!). We looked and looked and finally ended up with something from the IKEA Hemnes series. perfect!
Perfect that is until i brought it home from the store in ATL, about 3 hours away...and hub assembled it all, and though it fit...there was too much on that wall of the Living room. It looked like a wall of black wood!!!!
crazy like i am, i began to shove and push and pull the furniture around the room because I just couldn't wait for someone to be here to help! OBVIOUSLY! After a lot of stress and redecorating with what we had.....I LOVE IT! I am considering adding another bookcase to the configuration, but that is another trip on another day! Here are a few photos from Christmas where you can see the new stuff in all it's Christmas glory....
Now i have to do some redecorating to all those new shelves since the Christmas decor is packed away.
The other thing I started right before the holidays was a redo on the "bonus" room upstairs. the room was "brown" like the rest of the house, only it resembled a cave since it was an attic room with very little light.
I'd been wanting to move the antique desk from upstairs into my daughter's room for a while, so I thought...Let's do it!
That led to the uncontrollable urge to paint...and redecorate...and create an amazing new crafty space for me!!!! My Dad built me this amazing desk as part of my Christmas gifts! you can find the plans for it here. I will totally clean up the space and take some better pictures of it soon, but here is a peek at the new space....

there's a terrible pic of Dad....but a shot of the newly redecorated space.
We had a Christmas surprise...That "stuff" in the picture is actually SNOW!!!! On Christmas ALABAMA!!!! Crazy, right? and then the next day......
even MORE SNOW! none of it stuck around very long...but the kids did get to throw a few snowballs on the way into church that morning!
and one last picture for in our matching Christmas jammies! Wishing you all the best New Year!

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