Sunday, February 6, 2011

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Today after church, the family did a little bit of SWEET family time in the kitchen. Hub and I have been haunted by a Chocolate cake with Peanut butter filling recipe for a few weeks, and today was the day!

The cake is made with good old fashioned love and ingredients right from your pantry! No boxed cake mix required!

The filling, is super yummy too! I added a bit more peanut butter than what the recipe called for. I wanted a bit more of a peanutty taste!

No one I know has as much fun licking the spatula and beater as Lula! She gets so excited about it! I thought she might have to fight her Dad off to get it; but he played nice today!

About this point James got bored with the whole cooking thing and resorted to playing online! Oh well, at least he was still in the Kitchen!

I ask you, have you ever seen anything as sexy as a man doing the dishes? I think NOT!

After what seemed like forever, the cake was done in all its chocolate and peanut buttery goodness!

The cake and filling are fantastic! I personally am not sold on the frosting; a bit too sugary for me but Lula and Hub seemed to like it! wonder how long this will last?

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Anonymous said...

Great JOB!!! It looks DELISH!

Hubby wanted me to just make the peanut butter filling and icing again for him to sit and dip.. haha

I loved it personally! I bet it wont last long.