Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spa Night

so i promised something to show you and here it is. Sorry the photos are horrid! I had a spa party at my house the other night and while i was running around cleaning and threatening children NOT to mess up the house i decided that i had this great SU! set and i HAD to make something for the party. The above and below photos are a holder i made for a bath minerals sample that the distributor had given me. i only had 5 of these so i needed something else to give away...

so i made these little bags of chocolates. Nothing fancy..but cute and got a lot of oooohs and ahhhs from the ladies who aren't use to seeing hand stamped things.

I am not sure when i will have more to post. i have been in a slump lately but since my parents are going to keep my kids for a couple of days maybe i will find my groove again.

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MamaDrama77 said...

Your new profile pic makes me giggle.