Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where has she been?

*photo taken by my DD from the middle seat of the minivan on the way to school*
yes indeed, where have i been? In a hole i think, or a pit maybe. I have certainly been in a funk. I was gone at the end of Feb. on Girl's weekend....that left me exhausted and in need for some time alone, not that i didn't have a lot of fun...just somehow i was overwhelmed by it this year. Then i was home a week and gone again last weekend on a weekend retreat with some ladies from my church to work on and plan things for our children's ministry. Again, fun but left me in the mood to hibernate.
I've had a lot going on in my head lately. It's been sort of hard to explain. Sort of like all the therapy and Bible studies and books i have been reading imploded on me and i am left trying to sort through and figure it all out. It's not really a bad just makes me want to sit in my bed and sort through it all, which is not so productive for real life. I am normally a total people person, and i have been withdrawing a lot lately. It concerns me a little but right now i am thinking it is a phase for contemplation and it will pass.
If it doesn't ...come drag me out of my house, ok?
I hope you are enjoying spring, and spring break! I am glad the sun is finally shining here!