Monday, May 3, 2010

new obsession

If you hang here much, you know i am a bit obsessive about things.
and they are random and ever changing to say the least. but at least i am passionate! ha!
ok well if you love Target, and love a good bargain...check out the new thingy over there --->
click will take you to the most fab website!!!

Other things i am obsessed about..... for all your couponing ideas for Publix, CVS, Walgreens and so many others.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood so good! and the newest one...lover mine...has just come out! but you will want to start at the beginning! so lovely! so not for young adults or children, if you feel me!

the other series i am loving is the Anita Blake series.... also, not for children....the second book is a bit creepy/scary...and they get A LOT more "sexy" about book 9 or 10....but they are a great escape from the mundane days of laundry and shopping lists...

so....that's all i've got today....are you ready for Mother's day? it snuck up on me and i am so very unprepared!

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