Sunday, May 30, 2010

yet another trip to publix this week...

There are a lot of blogs and websites out there that do this, and do it a lot better than i do. I did want to share this with you though, just to give you an idea of how this couponing madness works. I will also say, this is my 2nd or 3rd trip to Publix this week, so many of the "free" items on special this week, were purchased earlier. Anyway, here are the numbers:
total Value of products: $65.14
Special Price Savings: $15.86 (this is what i saved just because some items were on sale this week at Publix)
Vendor coupons: $17.20
Store Coupons: $15.20
Total Out of Pocket: $16.88 (including tax) for a savings of 74% go me!
Here's the break down if you are interested. i am not going to link to printable coupons because there are many sites that do it better than i ever could. I am just going to tell you how i aved the $$$.
Green Giant boxed frozen veggies (on sale) $1 each
I had two .50/2 printable coupons, and Publix dbls manufacturer coupons .50 or less, so I paid .50 a box
Totinos Pary Pizza $1.49 each
These were not on sale, but my kids love 'em and i had a ton of coupons about to expire. They were all printable either .50/2, which they doubled, or $1/2. I ended up paying .99 each for the pizzas.
Publix Milk $3.39
Country Crock spread (on sale) $1 each
I had two .55/1 publix store coupons from one of their flyers and two .30/1 from a Sunday paper, which they doubled. this means i paid NEGATIVE .15 for each tub. (Publix is one of the few stores which allows overages...where you have more value in your coupons than the cost of the product. While they will not pay you money...the overage comes off your total bill, so you end up saving money on items, like milk, that you don't have coupons for!)
Luigi Italian Ice (on sale) $1.50
I had a .50/1 printable hanging out that i didn't realize i had. Publix doubled it and i paid .50 for my box (6 cups) of Italian Ice.
Sara Lee Poundcake (on sale) $2.29
All frozen Sara Lee desserts are on sale for 50% off. I chose the larger poundcake that my store carries. I had $1/1 printable so this cost me $1.29
Sominex $3.19
This is one of those things you have to watch for. In the green advantage publix flyer there is a coupon for $5/2...and there are a BUNCH of drugs listed. There are several on that list, depending on what is in stock and what your store carries, that will make this deal work for you. i chose sominex because i felt like it was something either i, or my family, would use. (In a deal earlier this week i bought sominex and vivarin...i thought the combination was hysterical!) There are printable coupons available for most of the drugs included on the Publix coupon. I had $2/1 coupons for the sominex. You have to buy two products, in this case costing me $6.38, to use the $5/2 coupon. then add in two $2/1 coupons, one for each box and i have paid NEGATIVE $2.62 for every two boxes i purchased.
Lawry's 30 minute marinades (on sale) $1.38
Here i had 2 printables for .50/1, which they doubled making it .38 each!
Kraft mac n'cheese (on sale) .59
here i had .55/2, printables again, making this about .32 a box
Publix pancake syrup $2.39
free when you buy Cary's pancake i paid nothing but the tax here!
Cary's Sugar Free pancake syrup $2.99
I wish i had a coupon on one of these syrups, but we needed syrup, and at $1.50 each it wasn't a bad deal.
If you are interested in couponing...check out some of the links in my side bar over there --->
they have great posts on weekly specials as well as how to get started links! Happy Memorial Day and Happy couponing!

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