Sunday, May 6, 2012

How i fell down the rabbit hole

Pinterest started it all. I am sure it has started a lot of bizarre activity in households since it popped up on line. (if nothing else, people sitting at their computer screen for hours on end "pinning" things or looking at things others have pinned!)

I saw this on Pinterest one day, and pinned it. Unlike a lot of what is pinned, at least by me, I eventually clicked through to this blog:

Often when i find a blog I like, I will spend HOURS reading through the entire thing. ( I am sure there is some sort of 'disorder' associated with this) I have to admit I didn't do that with this blog, but I did spend a lot of time there over a few days poking around,clicking through to other places and reading. 

If you are looking for some easy to follow guidelines for "better" or "healthier" eating, and to you that means less in the way of processed foods, then this is the blog to check out. She has a lot of information as well as tips there. Just go poke around and see what you can find. 

I've had a few people ask me how the "food thing" is going. I ate like a crazy person yesterday. I don't have any real excuse, I just did. Then i didn't sleep well last night and wondered if it was from all the sugar and caffeine i ingested.  I have been doing moderately better today, and am hoping for a lot better tomorrow. I have yogurt straining for whey, and a double batch of soaked homemade 100% whole grain tortillas, well soaking, for dinner tomorrow night. They will be easy to roll out and cook up with dinner! I have some Pork Carnitas that i have taken from the freezer defrosting in the fridge. I will make some guacamole with the avocados i got at ALDI earlier in the week for .49 cents each!!! yummy!

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