Tuesday, April 30, 2013

looking for my groove, have you seen it?

Ok, so I have so wanted to do this "photo a day" thing forever! I don't think i have ever even started one in the past, just downloaded the list for some time in the future. Well, NO MORE! Tomorrow is a new month...at least I think it is. (Thirty days hath September, APRIL, June and November...all the rest have 31, except for February which is just messed up....) ok, so Yes, tomorrow is May day!

So, May Day has many different customs and rituals associated with it, but in Cynlandia (yes, I just made that up) it is seen as the first day of Spring and so new beginnings go right along with the theme!
I have many new beginnings happening right now, so why not add one more?

If you would like to join in with the photo a day fun check out Fat Mum Slim for all the fun and games! I have even set this list as my desktop background so that I will be reminded EVERY STINKING DAY that i need to get off my lazy bum and shoot one photograph! I use to be a photographer in an earlier version of myself. I use to blog a lot. I use to be creative and such a fun and lovely person....have you seen her? She must be here someplace! If you see her, let me know, I think she has my groove and I would LOVE to have it back!

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