Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its not the years, it's the mileage!

Well, as promised at long last here is the Indiana Jones party blog. It was yesterday, and we all survived. The kids had fun and it ended up going well. Although it started off horrid. This is the way the cake disaster. Funny enough, this should have been the easiest cake i have ever made for a party.
When your cake falls apart, you have to redesign it...more on that later.

I found these great messenger bags at Dollar Tree. They made GREAT Indy bags for all the kids! Mine went nuts for them so i knew the others would like them as well.

Here is the food i served. In addition to cake and ice cream, we had a hummus platter with pita, carrots, celery and Kalamata olives, we had sliced and boiled hot dogs as 'worms', trail mix, grapes and sour cream and onion chips.

I scattered bugs throughout the food for effect. Everyone remember that scene in Indiana Jones where they are served bugs? ugh!

When the kids arrived, they went out on the patio and threw sticky frogs...they loved it! They decided that hitting the Tiki masks was worth bonus points!

We had my BFFs husband come dressed as Indiana Jones to lead the kids on an expedition to help recover his stolen treasure!

First they had to go to the Mummy gallery to search for clues...

those clues led them to the snake pit to find the next set of clues...

SNAKES! why'd it have to be snakes???

after the snake pit the clues led them to the Cairo market place...

They had to fight off the 'bad guys' with produce!

Next was a clue hunt in the catacombs...

then, suddenly Indy's father, my darling hubby, got ill and the kids had to save him...

with what else? water in the holy grail!!!!

each child brought Mr. Jones some water to restore him.

once he was revived he led the kids to the final location...the airplane get Indy's treasure!

I made this pinata to look like a cargo box.

they swung and swung and finally knocked it down!

here's how the cake ended up...after falling apart a second time!!! but it finally was done!

Happy Birthday to my darling son! He's seven and
I can't believe it! he had a great time at the party with all his friends. it all went well and now i can relax and take a break until May...when it is time for my darling daughter to have another party.
i have some cards coming up soon i promise!

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MamaDrama77 said...

This must be the most fantastical birthday party ever. I am so impressed with every detail! You are going to be the enemy of parents all over town when every kid wants a party like the ones the Roddam kids get.