Saturday, August 15, 2009

ideas flowing again

sometimes when i come out of a dark place, i am full of creativity and ideas....

this is one of those times. I am itching to be sewing. I want to make my son a quilt. I have to make 2 costumes for his President/Patriotic bday party that is coming up. I am sort of excited about that too though.

I had a horrible first day of school...we all did here. but, like i heard in a song on the radio today, that's just life. get on with it.

Time to get my big girl panties on and just enjoy all the blessings i have.
and i wanted to share some pictures from our recent road trip...



Tinkersdamn said...

I'm glad you climbed out. :) I think I may have as well.

MamaDrama77 said...

As Mia would say regarding your photos, "beeful."