Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Hot in here!

OK, It is 8:45 p.m.

There is a man in my Attic. This man has been here for almost three entire days. (non-consecutive)

I feel so bad that he is in my HOT attic working. And in my DARK yard, and he was here all day today sweating and working.

"what's up?" you ask?

Well, for the third year IN A ROW...our upstairs A/C unit has had issues. After replacing a VERY EXPENSIVE coil last summer, when it went out this summer i nearly sat down and cried.

They came out, three different men, two different days....then announced that it was the WORST of all possible problems. It appears that there is a leak in the pipe/tube/thingy in the wall. so............. we have to cut INTO MY WALL!!! Praise God that it ends up the "problem" area is in the Garage, so we aren't cutting into my son's room!!!

today they came to cut and fix. they came, and left and there was a 14 inch wide, floor to ceiling "hole" in the wall in my garage....but they had looked over every inch of the A/C 'stuff' and found two problems that were fixed...the unit was working, i paid them a VERY small amount for the number of hours they worked, and they left.


it was over.

I hadn't had to sell an organ or a child to pay for it.

I was happy.

Later this afternoon, i ran upstairs to turn off the TV precious children had left it was 87 DEGREES upstairs! I thought i might sit down and cry!

I called, they said they would be back out "later" almost 8 p.m. the man, who's been working all day...showed up. sigh.

I really do want to cry. I feel badly that he is still here working at 9 p.m. He wants to know if our house is built on an Indian Burial Ground.
Keith's car is "broken" as well. That makes me a bit nervous. he's cool with it. He can fix it. But he started tonight and didn't that makes me uneasy.
he's still working. He's not told me what's going on....i have to say i am curious..............

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