Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Daze....drawing to a close.

So, this is sort of random and non exciting. I just realized that i have fallen back into a state of depression. I am not sure that I have ever really come out of the blue haze that surrounds me, but i do have "good" times...where i am managing it better.

Today it sort of hit me that i had allowed myself to sink into one of those "bad" times. Maybe you know what that's like, maybe not.

I don't want to shower, get dressed, put on makeup, fix my hair. I don't want to clean the house, do laundry, fix dinner, or spend time with my family or friends. I just sort of sit. i have no energy and it feeds itself. The pit gets deeper and deeper.

i get irritated VERY easily, but things that should NOT irritate me.

I am hoping that in a week or two once school starts, and i can get back on a schedule, the summer has been CRAZY, that i will start to come out of the funk.

Even the crafty ideas i have had, or need to finish, they don't entice me. sigh.

So that's what's going on with me. How about you?


Tinkersdamn said...

I have to fight thru that haze every day. Sometimes I make it, sometimes not. Sometimes the best I can do is to fake it, cuz I know it's not fair to the people around me. Today was a good day; I even blow-dryed my hair and put on mascara. Mostly though I sit upstairs in my office and look at all the things I ought to be doing. I think for me the best thing is to except it and rejoice in the tiny steps out of the hole, like putting on jeans instead of sweats. Best of luck climbing out, but don't worry, you're not alone in the pit.

cyndi said...

thanks. its good to know that i am not the most horrible person in the world, there are others like me.


MamaDrama77 said...

I love you. This is not a permanent state, Sister. Keep working at it.

so you know...My family is rife with depression. I grew up with it. My dad was fairly crippled with it. I know how it paralyzes people. You're far from alone here. Prayers for you! It gets better.