Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beat BarBQue Boredom!

I was lucky enough to be accepted to host a Boboli Beat BarBQue Boredom House Party!!! The party was this past Sunday! We had the best time. Boboli sent me coupons to purchase all the pizza crusts we needed for the party as well as some nice swag for me and my guests. Above you can see the reusable shopping bag they sent...with the cutie tag i made to go on it.
Here's my Dad hanging out waiting on other guests to arrive. It WAS TOO HOT to be outside so i hung the little "keep flies off your food" thingy from my lamp over the table as a decoration. You cant really see it in this pic, but i also made boboli garland out of their log and hung it from the window behind Dad.

This is one of the recipes they sent me ....Spinach and Artichoke pizza. We had this one as an appetizer when guests were arriving....

OF COURSE ELMO and his talking pizza were in attendance!

Hubs outside in the HEAT grillin the pizzas for us....

as you can see from the rest of the pics, we just had a laid back time...and a lot of pizza

WE let the kids make some pizzas and the adults made some. We also tried two of the dessert pizzas Boboli sent me...they were really yummy!!! Thanks to House Party and Boboli for letting me do this! Ciao!

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