Monday, November 24, 2008

do they know it's Christmas time at all?

I read about this in someone's blog..but i don't recall who. sorry. I am like that. but here is the link for Journal your Christmas. cool is this idea? I am going back and forth about actually signing up for the sounds really cool..but do i really need to spend the money right now? hmmmm.....
I did buy some super cheap Halloween crafty clearance stuff at Target today...think of the money i!!!
Anyway if i join or not..i am going to try and journal Dec. 1 thru Jan. 6th in this spiffy little book i made. I know i always say this..but it looks cuter in person. I started with a $1 notebook i got at Michael's, added some stuff and voila! presto changeo!
Maybe it will help me with my quest to live more intentionally and to pay more attention to what i am doing, rather than on what i am waiting for or what i am planning on....yanno?


travelingmama said...

Too cute! Love your bags in your other post too!

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea to use a book! i've not made my mind up what to use yet!!