Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok, so as i was scouring through my tons of email i realized i had been tagged, so since i feel like i have done this before..i am NOT tagging anyone...and i am posting 7 weird photos from my Disney trip...see if you can guess where they are from...

Tagging is the Internet version of chain mail and I always feel obligated to play along at least one round. Here is how this game is played:
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1 comment:

MamaDrama77 said...

YOu have found my weakness. DISNEY. I can't NOT participate in this. I would have been SOOO good at identifying your photos about fifteen years ago. I lived in Florida and we had season passes to Disney. I knew that place better than the halls of my own high school. Now? Eh.

Ok, let me see...

ONE is a shot of your hotel bed. Where'd you stay that they did the neato towel sculptures? Judging from the decor of the bedspread, I'd guess one of the economy resorts, like the All-Star?

TWO...Pirates? Or maybe Morocco. I can't tell.

THREE...Mother of Sanity. I have no idea. Grape Lady. She is weird-lookin.' Was that in Epcot or Animal Kingdom, maybe?

FOUR has got to be Splash Mtn. Was he mad because he got wet? LOL!

FIVE is new since I frequented the joint, but I am going to guess it's the new Toy Story virtual gaming ride. I see targets on all those aliens.

SIX--well, you're standing in front of a giant Heffalump. That's a Pooh thing...could be anywhere. Mickey's Toontown?

SEVEN looks like the entrance to a simulator of some sort. Possibly Star Wars?

Oh, I can't wait until my younguns are old enough to take the trip themselves! I fear I might just leave them behind out of pure excitement!!! Did you guys have a blast??