Friday, November 27, 2009

Never Say Goodbye!

May most favorite pair of jeans wore out. I just couldn't wear them anymore. I wasn't ready to let them go!!! If you know me, you are laughing right now because you recognize the jeans in the picture. hahaha!
I used Simplicity pattern 2597...but instead of cargo pants, i used my beloved jeans. If you aren't familiar with this pair of jeans, the appliques were on the jeans, not something i added to the handbag.
I must admit that the pattern does NOT call for the bag to be lined, but i like to hide my seams and seriously, it needed a lining!

The thing i didn't do, and should have, was put some pockets on the inside!!! Seriously as many handbags as i have made, you would think that would be ingrained in my head by now, but sadly no. I was so excited about getting it together so i could see it "finished", that pockets totally slipped my mind, and were not included on the original pattern. I love it. It is nice and roomy and comfy...just like my jeans.


Susanb said...

Looks great. I wish I had a talent like that.

MamaDrama77 said...

It is adorable and I am so with you on the seam-hiding thing. I made a lining for Mia's xmas outfit, even though the pattern did not call for it. Tidied everything up nicely and also served to make it a little warmer for her--the original design was for a little summer outfit, single-layered and sleeveless. She'd have frozen her little petunias off.