Sunday, November 15, 2009

Papa was a rolling Stone...

So i had this idea for a baby quilt. I wondered if i could pull it off....i think i just may have!
Some friends of ours are expecting. He is a musician, primarily a Guitar player. I wanted to make them a quilt that would be meaningful and something that they would really appreciate, and i wanted it to be cool.

They are having a little girl so it is (obviously) pink and yellow. It says..."my dad rocks!" and then smaller at the bottom it says "and my mom rolls" and has an embroidered baby carriage

I of course waited until the last possible minute to take a picture of it, so I didn't get a GREAT picture of it....i did get some detail shots

I modeled the guitar after one of his guitars....i was happy with it. I did the quilting and the applique with my machine but all of the embroidery was done by hand. It was the first time i ever tried applique, it was a lot of work, but totally fun and i think they really liked it.