Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Half way through NO excess SPEND MONTH

Well, another weeks worth of shopping to report. I am doing "good" and "bad." but we will sort it all out in a minute.


  • apple juice
  • sandwich bags
  • gala apples
Total: $7.20


  • Organic Honey Nut breakfast cereal
  • sandwich bread x2
  • fresh baby spinach
  • deli rolls
  • lunch meat
  • sliced cheese
  • bella mushrooms
  • sharp cheddar
  • 10 lb. potatoes
  • half & half
  • milk
  • onions
  • fuji apples
  • diet cola
  • beef broth
  • brown rice
Total: $35.02


  • Bacon
  • organic salad blend
  • zucchini
  • ricola cough drops x4
  • green onions
  • lipton decaf tea bags
  • Annie's organic ranch dressing
Total: $19.30

This represents a total of $61.52 for the week and $114.55 overall so far this month in Groceries.  Not too shabby if i do say so myself. This will get us through until Saturday, when I will go shopping again. Here's the "problem." I have $195.46 left in my cash envelope. so I have picked up $16.01 somewhere. I know i bought some groceries for my mom that were $10.83, and she insisted that i take a $20 for them...because that's how moms are! (or at least mine!), so that makes up for $9.17 of it...but i have NO idea where the rest came from. I don't usually carry cash, so i couldn't have "mixed" my money up! Maybe i just can't add and subtract?!?!?! i have been doing all this without the help of a calculator because i am just too lazy to find one when i am writing this up! (honest.)
I have taken the extra $10, from mom, out for the kids to spend when we go to the circus on the 26th. Maybe they can get something with that to share. shrug. so that leaves me $185.46 for the next 16 days. My biggest worry is the Pine Wood Derby this weekend, there will be 'concessions' for sale, and then of course the Circus after that toward the month's end. We bought the tickets in December and i wasn't thinking about no spend month at the time.

The other issue, which i feel that i may have cheated on is that i did buy my daughter a dress. a new dress. She has a 'ball room dance party' coming up at school . my daughter never wears dresses. ever. the one we had from Easter, that she wore once because we MADE HER, is too small now. I decided that this was one of those MUST WEAR A DRESS events and i tried to borrow one. I made the mistake of looking online to see what was 'available' for purchase and when i found one she liked and it was on sale for $14 I had to get it. THEN i had to order $50 to get FREE shipping. sigh. I ended up keeping the dress ($14), a pair of leggings to go under it ($7) and a pair of her very favorite shorts ($10), and taking the rest back to the store for a total spent of ....$31 which i have not taken out of the budget for the month yet, and here is why:

the whole point of having a NO SPEND month, was for me to curb our excess spending. I don't routinely buy clothes for the kids. only what they need, when they need it. She can wear this dress for Easter. At the time i purchased these clothes, they were all on sale, and it appeared that the sale was ending the next day! I know if I had not bought said dress, my  mom would have and she spends enough money on my kids! I didn't want her buying this dress just because i was being legalistic about NOT spending money. So there! I broke my own rules...kind of.

In the interest of being honest, i also spent $4 in shipping to get $20 of FREE stuff from shutterfly...that i NEEDED to catch up my seriously behind Christmas and Anniversary scrapbooks. i put it off as long as i could, but when they sent me a coupon for $20 of FREE stuff....i had to do it. Judge me if you want, but i can't pass up a good sale or FREE!

How is it going for you?


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