Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I know you are wonder WHAT we are eating while we are on this NO SPENDING SPREE, right?

In case you are, let me say that I am a mid-range couponer, so i tend to have a decent stockpile of staples in our house. I did not pile up things in December just to prepare for NOT spending in January, but I do have an extra freezer with some meats and other frozen things. I was trying to eat more WHOLE FOODS, healthy, and then fell off the wagon during the holidays, so I am still eating the food-like items that i purchased in my weakness during that time.

Breakfasts are simple. I am not even awake when they happen. {Have i mentioned lately how AWESOME my husband is?} The kids, ages 11 and 8, eat either boxed cereal, homemade and frozen sourdough waffles, cheese toast or peanut butter toast. Hubby eats one of those or he eats the homemade granola that I made back in December that we are still munching on. I have been drinking a Visalus shake. I just read that they contain GMOs, so once my stock of shake mix is gone, Visalus will be gone from my life too.

Lunches are also pretty straight forward. the kids eat (the over processed crap) at school. My kids are HARD to fix lunch for. They seem to like school lunch. I am not at the place to have this fight with them yet. It is EASY for them to eat at school and right now that is the best I can do. I consider paying for school lunches a "bill" so that money is NOT coming out of my $300 budget this month.  Hubby packs his own lunch {more awesomeness!} and takes an apple, and a sandwich (usually ham or peanut butter) and maybe some chips or crackers or whatever else he finds in the house. Honestly I don't know because I don't pack it, but he doesn't ask for anything special for his lunches....even when i ask him if he wants or needs anything. I eat leftovers or a sandwich or a salad or cheese and crackers or whatever I dig up.

Dinner. well, let me say that I am not normally THIS organized. The 1st week of the month,(or maybe the first 12 days) I just walked to the fridge/freezer and pulled something out and called it dinner. Then it got harder. At this point I have a "plan" for dinner through the 24th of the month. I will share that with you, along with what I had to purchase to make the plan happen, m'kay?

1/12  fish stick sandwiches and homemade oven fries. (I had to by potatoes)
1/13 Cheesy Potato Fries (bought: potatoes, ranch dressing, bacon, green onions)
1/14 Hoppin Johns and cornbread (bought: NOTHING!!)
1/15 Balsamic Roast Beef French Dip Sandwiches and Zucchini Fries (bought: beef broth, sub rolls, zucchini)
1/16 Lemon Angel Hair Pasta with chicken and spinach (bought: half & half , baby spinach)
1/17 Homemade Pizza (bought: mushrooms)
1/18 eating with no cooking or buying for me !!!!!
1/19 Ham Sammies (bought; ham, swiss cheese)

All these recipes I got from Pinterest. HERE is my board that i have them pinned to, and i have linked them above, or not if it is MY recipe and there's no link. I have more, but I'll wait and post them later. Some things I bought this week will carry over into meals next week, 'cause that's how i roll. I have made some changes to the above recipes, to fit the eating tastes of my family, or what i have in the cabinet. I am sure you can alter them to suit your tastes as well. Happy eating!


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