Sunday, April 6, 2008


I know this is sort of random, but these things really crack me up! I got some Playtex "sport" tampons because they were on sale, and i had a coupon, and i am pretty much not a brand snob. So anyway...some marketing genius, decided that putting "fortunes" or "inspiring messages" on my tampon wrapper would sell these better than the next brand. Seriously? Because when i am cramping and bloated and basically feeling like at any moment my uterus may fall out and be flushed down the toilet, reading "Go with your gut" or "Try something new" is going to make me feel better???
I can see it now, I am moody, feeling bad, headed to the bathroom to take care of my "feminine needs" tampon message turns my whole day around? Maybe i am emotionally unstable. I'm thinking of ending it all, then i read "Ready to take on the world" or "Mental attitude affects performance" on a tampon i happen to notice lying around and it saves my life! I sprint to the kitchen overjoyed to brew myself a cup of tea to help celebrate this Hallmark moment and read the Celestial Seasons tea box for even more inspiration!
If tampons could talk, i hardly think they would say "Go Team"! What do you think?


MamaDrama77 said...

I believe Playtex was also the mastermind behind the genius marketing slogan "Have A Happy Period." Because being on the rag is like a trip to Disney!

Jenna P said...

Hahaha so hillarious!! Who knew that our periods would lead to wonderful self revelations. Right.

travelingmama said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm feeling better about myself already... just from HEARING about such amazing packaging! HA! What where they thinking?! Anyhoo! Love your wedding photography. So beautiful! Also, I posted a reply in my comments in this post
for the recipe for the red dyed eggs.

JJ said...

roflol! oh my...what's next chocolate scented boxes...because it's the scent of chocolate, coffee and Mexican food that gets me through! If they want to sell product, why don't they include Midol or Midol laced tampons.

Michelle Wedemeyer said...

I second what JJ said. Better yet, tampons (and pads) should be packaged with chocolates.

BTW, Cyndi your wedding photos are beautiful. I especially love the one of the bride looking out the window.There's a story there....what is she thinking?