Tuesday, April 1, 2008


some of you may remember a while back..in February, when i went away for a beach weekend with my girlfriends! ah...wish i was there now! Anyway, on of the gals made little boxes for us and they had these tiny bottles of wine in them. Too cute! so, once we finished our wine, we cleaned the bottles and filled them with sand and shells from our trip. The tag is one from the spa bags i made, I stamped the reverse side with the date, etc.
Originally, i had put sea water in mine too..but it started getting icky! that's no fun, so i emptied the contents into a coffee filter and baked it in the oven for a while to dry it out. Once i reloaded my bottle, one of my darling children thought it could still be shaken apparently, so it is a bit tousled. Still a fun remembrance. I think we shall fill bottles every year with treasures from out trips to save. How fun!

if anyone has any ideas on how to keep sea water "fresh" or from growing things in a bottle, please let me know!


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Sara said...

Not sure about using sea water, but would a baby oil work to keep it a shaker?

Love how you did this, our next trip we will have to give it a try.