Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snow White, whithout the Dwarfs

My DH and i went away this past weekend for our anniversary. We stayed in the oh so cute cabin in the woods. When i looked out every window all i could see was green! Trees and sky, OH MY! how lovely. down the hill from us was a playground which we explored on one of our walks...we had to check it out in case we ever come back with the kids, right?
It was a really wonderful weekend. No phone, no TV, no computer! totally unplugged except for out ipods and mine was on Jane Austen all weekend. Lots of time together..and the sounds of nature!
I felt just like Snow White in the woods...except i didn't have any dwarfs to care for or to bring me jewels from the mine. I bet it is beautiful here in the fall and the fireplace would certainly come in handy then! nothing like a fire in a cabin. I just enjoyed being away from my life for a few days.
My son was concerned that there was not a TV and my daughter worried that there might be bears in the forest! I worried that something would happen and someone would call us! lol.

hope you all had a great weekend...i sure did!