Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, i had this frame hanging in my foyer with an old, not that this is too recent..but an older 10x13 family picture in it. I love this frame because it is black and brown, both of which i have in the room. The point is i wanted to use this frame and hang this newer family photograph but it was only 8 x10. The solution? scrapbook it in the frame! I am horrible at listing what i used, but i used 3 DP, ribbon, some chipboard (that swirly thing on the right) that i inked with su! inks and some eyelets that i got at Walmart on clearance. Just something simple with things i had laying around my stamping and scrapping closet to make the old frame work with the newer picture!
have a great day!

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Sara Paschal said...

This is beautiful!