Saturday, May 17, 2008


My DS is graduating from 5K this week. Well, i guess technically he HAS graduated since they had their end of the year program on Friday, but he has 4 more days of school. It was so cute. they sang songs and they each got a "Class of 2008" medal from their principal. He was such a cutie taking a bow after each song and trying to get the others to bow with him...they never did catch on though.

We were also quite surprised that he won a music award. We knew he loves music, but we had not been told ahead of time that he was getting a special award. It was quite a lovely surprise! We are so proud of him. He really has come a long way this year and grown a lot. I can't believe he will be in first grade next year and is loosing baby teeth ! It seems like not so long ago he was a sleepy two year old crawling in bed with Mommy every morning to "snuggle buggle" and go back to sleep. Sigh. They really do grow up so fast!

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