Tuesday, May 13, 2008

laptop hell

GRRRRRRRRRRR! so, i just sent off my laptop a few weeks ago...remember? to have it fully inspected to see what was wrong with it. Well it came back and all that had been replaced was the DVD drive (for the 2nd time). Well yesterday i decided to restart my machine, and when it went to start back up....it went into this weird cycle where it wouldn't boot. sigh. DH looked at it last night and called MaxAssurace...i think we should have them on speed dial since HP will no longer warranty it...its a whopping year and a halfish old so out of HP warranty!
I don't understand all the computer talk surrounding it but apparently he had to completely wipe the hard drive and so anything since the last time we backed it up to send it off...is gone!!! Thankfully i had uploaded my pictures to Snapfish and just backed up my MS Money! but still! DH says that it appears that the hard drive is about to go out and if that is the case...it will happen soon! Apparently we are two repairs away from Max Assurance either replacing the entire machine or refunding our purchase price. I have to say that i hope that happens because this laptop has been one problem after another and i am OVER it! Dude...next time...I'm gettin' a DELL! not a stinkin' HP!

Hope you are having a great week!


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Suzanne said...

I'm SO sorry to hear about your laptop problems. This is one reason I ALWAYS tell people to purchase the extended warranty! Most of the HPs and others that you can buy at Walmart or Staples only come with something like a 90 day warranty.
I'm VERY glad you didn't lose anything this time!